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We are specialized in creating a Growth-Strategy together with StartUps as well as established players on the market. With our expertise, we will help you and your team with your Business - we provide Consulting-Services in the field of Business Development, Growth Hacking and Sales.  

Out industries are Digital Printing, Textiles, Fast moving Consumer goods and general management. We as your Partner collaborate with you to prepare and create a state of the art pitch to your clients, business partners or investors, will facilitate and drive your pitch-strategy - work out a thorough planning process that results in a persuasive and memorable pitch that differentiates your offering/solutions from that of your competition.  ‚Äč  We can even be part of your team for a contract job.

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We are based in the Netherlands but operate around the world. Founded and was established in 1995 but became active in 2019.
Our focus is on helping our Clients become more competitive, generating more recurrent business as well as establishing new revenue streams.

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Consultancy fees depend on location and travel distance pleasse see details below.

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Although we just started our business in 1995 we already supplied our consultancy around the world


Consultancy Fees and Conditions

Fees for consulting services, seminars/workshops are listed below.

General Conditions:
Clients are responsible for payment of all expenses incurred directly in conjunction with assignments and for all employment-related taxes and fees assessed outside the Netherlands if applicable.  Seminar and workshop programs conducted at trade shows, conventions, and other venues will be invoiced on a per day basis agreed to prior to confirmation of participation.
All fees for consultations, training programs, research assignments and feature-length or book-length projects are payable in full in advance or in a retainer form.

Expenses for travel, lodging and meals are billed in addition to these fees (subject to confirmation by and approval of client) and are due immediately upon presentation of invoice.

Telephone Consultations:
Telephone Consultation Fees are waived for clients purchasing 3 or more consulting days per year. This telephone consultancy has a maximum of 4 hours per year after this the normal fees apply)

* Consulting services conducted for a client have a 5 day minimum billing per year.

What an offer write me a mail  mike@texsmart.nl