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There are a number of different business situations that could result in the need for an interim manager. Typically these could be situations such as crisis management, sudden departure, illness, death, change management, managing change or transition, sabbaticals, MBOs and IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, and project management.
The functions of an interim manager are almost endless, thus the scope of an interim manager's skill set is quite unique.

Sales Development

Sales development is the process by which potential leads are identified and qualified for further sales outreach, bridging the gap between marketing and sales to reduce the time and resources spent on low-quality leads. Let’s break this down a bit.
In high-performing organizations, marketing teams cast a wide net of outreach through campaigns and content to increase awareness among potential customers.

Successful campaigns = more leads.

But more doesn’t necessarily mean better. In fact, the vast majority of leads won’t convert. Even precisely targeted campaigns generate just a small proportion of successful leads.

The conversion rate average for lead generation in the  industry is just 5-10%.

Use Competitive Consultancy To Find a Market Advantage

Your analysis should identify your competition by product line or service and market segment.

Assess the following characteristics of the competitive landscape. Competitive Consultancy helps you to setup goals, targets and make your sales people grow to those new customers.

Consultancy is more, we are part of your organisation, we live your DNA and are willing to make things happen.

We can help you implement those changes and grow your

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